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3 Methods To Killing Fleas – Or Be Eaten Alive

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Do you have pets in your dwelling? Are you becoming eaten alive by fleas? These normally show up as crimson itchy welts on your pores and skin. Do you know how to cease this?

The weather has transformed and in Southern California it is Scorching. Now is the time for people little critters known as fleas to start out making a pest of them selves. The fleas do not keep in a person room of your dwelling. They dwell and breed in each individual room of your property.

If you have a puppy or cat or lots of pet dogs and cats you are a feast for these very small critters.

The very best way to get the jump on them is to fight them with a

3 Phase Application.

Stage 1 – SPRAYING YOUR House

(1) You can buy at just about any retailer aerosol cans that will spray flea killer in an upward method.

(2) Buy a single for every space of your dwelling which includes the hallways and kitchen.

Note: Set absent in cabinets all food items or just about anything you do not want to be sprayed with flea spray.

(3) Shut all the exterior doorways and windows tightly.

(4) Walk by means of your house and set all the cans of flea killer spray off commencing in the back and finishing by the outdoors door.

(5) Try out not to breathe right up until you are safely and securely outside the house or wear a mask.

(6) Following the spray is completed leave the residence closed up for a very good a few several hours or whichever the instructions say on the can.

(7) Then vacuum up the dead eggs so vacuum all of the carpeting, home furniture and the curtains.

(8) Wash all your bedding it was sprayed on and has flea eggs on it.

Move 2 – SPRAY YOUR Property

(1)Spray your garden whilst the property is locked up and turning out to be totally free of are living fleas.

(2) There are numerous sorts of flea killer sprays to select from. Some you can attach to your hose and spray.

(3) A different preference is by possessing a pest manage business arrive out weekly or twice a month to spray your lawn.

Note: Your pets ought to not be in the household or in the lawn through the spraying.

(4) When you return to your dwelling depart the doorways open and instantly open all the home windows.

(5) Toss absent all the employed cans of flea spray.

Action 3 – BATHING YOUR Animals

(1) The third step is bathing all your pets possibly in the bathtub or outside.

(2)An additional possibility is just take them to the animal beauty parlor.

DO ALL OF THESE 3 Measures ON THE Exact same Day:

The key plan is to do all a few steps in the similar working day. This way your residence will be flea totally free for somewhere around 7 times.

REPEAT ALL 3 Measures Yet again IN 7 Days.

Following the seventh day all the flea eggs will have hatched and you will have to start off the 3 action procedure all over once again.

There are great flea collars and other products on the market place for your pets now that function fantastic in preserving the fleas off.

When you very own a pet and you do not want to become a flea meal this is the 3 step program that will get the job done.

Repeat the 3 techniques as often as needed.

Thank you for reading through my article. Please really feel absolutely free to read all of my articles or blog posts.

Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler

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