May 29, 2024


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3 Winning Tactics to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is an ‘Alpha Female’

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What Is ‘Alpha Female’?

Before you plan to get your ex girlfriend, you will firstly need to determine whether she is an Alpha Female. An alpha female is the type of girlfriend that you might not want to mess with. Therefore, you must know the characteristics of an alpha female well before getting into a relationship with one of them.

Alpha females are women who are independent, competitive, calm, alert, and knows when and where to use her charisma with great leadership qualities. These are the characteristics that you should take note to determine whether or not your ex girlfriend is an alpha female.

Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back #1 – Reliability

Usually alpha females are not easy to convince as they do not depend on others especially male. Not to mention that these females are very alert and happen to be quick learners of the mistakes that they’ve made.

This simply means that if they broke up once, they wouldn’t want to fall into the same trap again. Therefore, this is when the word ‘reliability’ comes into play. You’ll have to show that you’re reliable enough to let your ex alpha girlfriend feel that it is worth it to get back into this relationship.

Show her that your shoulders are just the right place for her to lean on. Be gentle and know when to take your opportunity to approach her especially when it is her downfall, stress or if she’s feeling emotional.

That’s when you should convince her that although you broke up with her you’re always there to listen to her problems. If she is crying, offer her your shoulders and some tissues – be there for her.

Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back #2 – Sharp Senses

Another way to get your tough ex girlfriend back is to develop sharp senses. These alpha females, especially the working women will often attend parties, meetings or probably even running errands.

She will have herself dressed up differently for all kinds of occasions. So, you must manage to spot her differences even for a pair of tiny earrings. Praise her as to how pretty she looks with those pair of earrings and how it matches her dress and heels. If possible, be sure that you are the first one to compliment her.

Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back #3 – Word Play

Other than that, you must be able to play with words well. Convince her with all sorts of flowery words. BUT, be sure when to use mild, medium or bombastic ones too. They might be bored of those sentences after a while. So, you must have a wide range of vocabulary.

Even the way of speaking will help a lot. When you are talking to your ex girlfriend make sure you speak with a steady tone, making yourself sound professional and calm.

These are the ways to get your alpha ex girlfriend back. But I have to warn you that this might take some of your precious time before you can completely and successfully convince her and lead her back to you.

As an overview, your determination and patience is needed in the whole process.

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