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Are There Any Bugs in Belize and Should I Provide Bug Spray?

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The basic reply to both of those inquiries is sure.

Like wherever – and specially in tropical areas – you will obtain bugs in Belize. They’re one of the not-so-pleasurable pieces of vacationing that you just have to take. They’re going to buzz all around your ears, could chunk you, and can trigger annoying itching. And, regrettably, some of the most common destinations to take a look at in Belize – jungles, beaches, and forests – will have far more than their honest share of resident bugs.

But it can be truly worth bearing in head that, devoid of them, the tropical habitat of Belize would not be the identical. So arrive organized for bugs, and look upon them as an vital section of the environment.
What bugs are there in Belize?
In this article are the two most popular types of bugs you’re most likely to come upon in Belize:
● Mosquitoes
Almost certainly liable for the majority of traveler distress, mosquitoes are sneaky little blighters that you may not know are there till it can be too late and they’ve previously bitten you. Generally, the only sign of a mosquito is its telltale significant-pitched buzzing – which is wonderful if you’re someplace tranquil in which you can listen to it, but not so good if you happen to be having fun with a drink at a lively beach bar.

While mosquitoes are specifically common at night time, they are also all over throughout the day, so safeguarding by yourself is important. If you do get bitten, generally the worst you can anticipate is an itchy, swollen lump for a handful of days. But mosquitoes can carry malaria and dengue fever, equally of which can make you pretty ill, so do consider to avoid being bitten as a lot as doable.

Mosquitoes adore moist, humid circumstances, and so are unsurprisingly additional prevalent in the rainy season, which runs June as a result of November in Belize.
● Sandflies
Sandflies are little – usually named ‘no-see-ums’ for that really cause – but irrespective of their dimensions, they can result in a horrible response if they bite. Incidentally, it truly is only the female of the species that bites, but which is no help when you are on a seaside surrounded by these flying biters.

The major tips if you’re bitten by a sandfly is check out not to scratch. It will only make the response even worse, and you will conclude up with lumps, welts, and quite possibly damaged skin, leaving you susceptible to an infection.

Sandflies, like mosquitoes, enjoy to hang out where by there is humidity and will be most energetic just prior to sunset.
What can I do to shield myself from bugs?
There are some common strategies you can bear in mind to stay clear of becoming bitten by bugs, or to alleviate the signs if you are.
Steer clear of currently being bitten
● Deet-dependent repellant – This is the solitary best way to quit bugs from biting you. Mosquitoes (and to a lesser extent sandflies) hate this variety of chemical-centered repellant, so deliver a good deal with you and frequently reapply.
● Child oil – A failsafe way to produce a barrier in between you and sandflies is with a thick application of toddler oil.
● Clothes – put on long trousers and very long-sleeved tops at night time, so bugs won’t be able to get to your pores and skin.
Aid from bites
● Hydrocortisone product – If you’re bitten and you’re feeling that all-much too-common itchy burning sensation, hydrocortisone product will soothe and end the itch.
● Antihistamine tablets – Allergy tablets like Benadryl can bring down the swelling and decrease the influence of bug bites.

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