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Fuel Grill Protection – ESPN’s Hannah Storm Seriously Burned in a Propane Gas Grill Accident

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ESPN’s Hannah Storm fuel grill accident

ESPN’s Hannah Storm was significantly wounded a couple of weeks back when the flame on her gasoline grill went out and exploded in a “wall of fireplace” when she attempted to relight the grill. She suffered next diploma burns to her chest and palms and initial-degree burns to her deal with and neck. She misplaced her eyebrows, eyelashes and 50 percent her hair. If you viewed the Rose parade and noticed her hosting you seen she had her still left hand bandaged but in any other case seemed wonderful. Thanks to skilful makeup artists and hair extensions she was equipped to host the parade as if nothing happened.

Hannah was interviewed by ABC news and held back again tears as she vividly explained her terrifying ordeal. Graphic photos of her in the hospital were being demonstrated though she was in the hospital you could see the burn marks on her upper body and neck where the flames were being creeping upwards towards her face. She definitely was fortunate to have folks house who were being capable to appear to her rescue in any other case who know what could have transpired.

What transpired?

The short article mentions Hannah “noticed the flame on the grill experienced absent out. She turned off the fuel and when she reignited it “there was an explosion and a wall of hearth arrived at me.”” I underlined “she turned off the fuel” because that is an significant piece of information and facts. Turning off the fuel was the appropriate thing to do. The post is a minor vague nevertheless. I really don’t very recognize why she would change off the gasoline and attempt to relight the grill with the gas off but possibly that bit of info is either dropped in translation or possibly is missing a second of time. I believe that I listened to Hannah condition in her interview with ABC news that she waited a few minutes right before turning the gasoline back on and reigniting the grill. If she had waited a handful of minutes just before reigniting the grill then she followed the suitable grill protection procedures fuel grill manufacturer’s point out to do in their handbook.

Why did this materialize if she followed the accurate strategies?

Even though I are unable to say for certainty why this occurred there are a number of factors how this could happen and how you can look out for them by yourself.

Propane is heavier than air

Today’s gas grills largely use either normal gas or LP (propane) fuel. Organic gas is much less expensive than propane based on the place you stay, burns cleaner than LP and is lighter than air so it dissipates swiftly. LP gasoline is heavier than air and will seek the cheapest space accessible like at the base of the fireplace box where by the burners are. LP gas will just take extra time to dissipate into the air. The post states she was working with a propane fuel grill.

I am assuming since it was mid-December in Connecticut that the temperature was gentle to chilly and air is heavier when it can be cold outside the house. From what I assemble from the report and listening to her job interview I am assuming there was a short period of time of time soon after she turned off the gas to allow the gasoline dissipate right before reigniting the grill. In warm weather wherever the air is lighter the propane might consider 2-5 minutes to dissipate your manufactures manual will condition to wait 5 minutes before reigniting the grill immediately after you discover the flame has gone out. But with the colder temperature the colder air would trap the propane fuel into the base of the fireplace box not making it possible for the gasoline to dissipate as rapidly. Nonetheless prolonged she waited it wasn’t sufficient time.

Propane odor test

LP (propane) fuel is nontoxic and in its all-natural variety is colorless and odorless. Suppliers deliberately incorporate a chemical compound to give it that disagreeable odor. The uncomfortable odor assists notify you there may be a leak. When the fuel is ignited the chemical compound is burned away and is just about unnoticeable but through a leak it is plainly recognizable to the nose. If Hannah would have noticed the smell of rotten eggs right before she turned the fuel again on and hit the igniter she might have permit the grill sit a tiny longer.

Why gasoline grill security?

Fuel grills are the most typical outside cooking equipment nowadays. Gasoline grills are progressively replacing charcoal grills due to their ease of use and commonly currently being easier to clean and sustain. As with any equipment an out of doors grill should really be addressed just like an indoor appliance. Fuel grill basic safety must be exercised to avoid significant damage – you are after all working with a combustible fuel and need to take into consideration the fact that you can get burned if not cautious.

According to the National Fireplace Security Association (NFPA) Property Fires Involving Grills Point Sheet, in between 2006 and 2010, US hearth departments responded to an ordinary of 8,600 property fires involving fuel grills, hibachis and barbecues for each calendar year. These 8,600 fires caused an annual normal of 10 civilian fatalities, a reported 140 injuries and $75 million in direct property harm.

Gasoline grill protection suggestions

  • Read the manufacturer’s suggested “Grill Safety” rules in the guide that arrived with the grill
  • The grill must be placed well away from any structures or combustible products
  • Retain small children and animals away from the grill when in use
  • Keep an eye on the grill to make guaranteed the flame has not long gone out. If it truly is a windy working day you may have to have to verify it often.
  • Continue to keep the grill clear! Take away grease drippings all around the burners and flavorizer bars to prevent flare-ups
  • Maintain a kitchen fire extinguisher close to by
  • If the flame goes out turn the fuel off at the propane tank initially then the switch the burners off. Turning the gas off at the tank than at the burners will allow what minor gas is in the strains to escape.
  • Leave the lid open to make it possible for the gas to escape. If you maintain the lid shut the gas would not be equipped to escape.
  • Wait at the very least 5 minutes ahead of turning the gasoline on. If you even now smell gas or rotten eggs wait another 5 minutes in advance of turning the fuel again on and reigniting the burners.
  • If the scent of gas does not go absent continue to keep all the things turned off and connect with a propane services tech or the fire dept – do not try to flip the grill back on.
  • Swap your propane tank frequently! Propane tanks will degrade about time. Have your tank inspected when you get it stuffed up or much better however, trade it for a new a single.


Grilling has grown into a spouse and children tradition and an American pastime. I imagine we all are inclined to feel complacent around our fuel grills for the reason that we use them so generally and “almost nothing negative has ever took place” but gas grill security need to be viewed as each time we gentle the grill up. Like I stated in the starting, you are working with a combustible fuel and should really constantly be aware that you can get burned so be sure to be conscious and acquire precautions.

Continue to be harmless ~ Content Grilling!

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