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Kitchen Series – Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen countertops are the showpiece of any modular settings. They are durable, functional and stylish. Food is prepared and eaten around kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are a symbol of elegance and class. They have a high degree of heat resistance and come in a wide range of styles, mosaics and colors.

Concrete countertops are increasing in popularity as an excellent material for kitchen setup. It’s simple, spare style goes well in rooms with small spaces. They can be easily custom-poured, which is a really handy option for those who seek personalized counters.

You can even include pigments to create any color of your choice. They are extremely durable, heat resistant and long lasting.

Features of Materials

Glass countertops are excellent materials for those who wish to have more than one color. It’s versatile and stylish. They are also available in small square sizes, which allows you to mix and match them to create a one-of-a-kind perfect mosaic.

Ceramic countertops are composed of ceramic tiles, sands, minerals and clays and are excellent modular options. They don’t scratch like glass tiles, which makes them more durable. They are highly heat resistant and can be easily replaced.

Wood and butcher block is the best way to bring organic, warm beauty to a home. Though not as durable as other options, it has a beautiful, long life. You can use different finishes and woods to match up with your personal aesthetic or home style. They are easy to clean and can be easily refinished and sanded down, giving them a smooth, polished appearance.

Popular Materials

Other frequently used kitchen countertops include paper-base, lava stone, and copper. They require little maintenance and care. They possess highly durable features and could be used anywhere in the kitchen. They are heat resistant, scratch resistant and visually appealing. They facilitate cleaning giving an integrated look to your kitchen countertops.

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