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Penis Skin Color: When a Red Penis Is Cause for Concern

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Many men are more than happy to show off a red penis to a partner – that’s because a red penis often indicates great blood flow through an erect member, and that means it’s time to play. But for some men, a red penis sparks concerns about the penis skin color. Of course, a man who practices good penis care on a regular basis will quickly learn what’s natural and normal for him – so what does it mean when his penis skin is suddenly a different color, either all over or just in a few places?

There are a few times when penis skin color, including a red penis, could indicate a problem that must be addressed. Here are the most common reasons for a strange color to the penis skin, based on what the skin looks like:

– Redness without an erection. Though men are usually accustomed to a redder-than-usual penis when they have an erection, seeing that kind of redness when there is no excitement going on is a different story. If that redness comes along with any sort of tenderness, swelling, skin texture changes (such as rough spots) or any type of pain, that might be a sign of infection or inflammation.

– Large white splotches. Many men suffer from uneven pigmentation. It might not be noticeable at first, but over time the splotches can become more pronounced. Known as vitiligo, this common skin condition creates large patches where it looks like the skin has no color at all. Though it might look strange, it is perfectly harmless and can’t be spread to partners. However, since it can spread well beyond where it begins, it’s important to speak to a dermatologist about what to expect and what might be done about it.

– Large dark splotches. If a man has the opposite problem and his skin suddenly becomes darker in a variety of places, that could be an issue with uneven pigmentation. However, this turn of events is rather rare, so it pays to visit the doctor to figure out what’s causing the problem. In the simplest form, many men will find that the splotches are actually caused by an allergic reaction, or perhaps from focusing too much on one particular area, thus roughening and darkening the skin there.

– Small white bumps or spots. These tiny bumps might actually be so small that they look like white spots all over the penis, especially near the head. Known as pearly papules, these spots are perfectly benign and many men have them, but they can certainly be a surprise the first time they show up. It pays to get checked out to make sure it really is pearly papules and not a sexually transmitted disease.

What to do about penis skin discoloration

A man who is worried about the color of his penis should always take the time to visit the doctor and put his concerns to rest. Though most coloration issues are related to pigmentation and found to be completely benign, it always pays to have a good checkup to ensure everything is just fine.

And of course, many a man has suffered from a red penis as the result of too much play, and has the soreness to match. To alleviate that pain, a man can reach for a top-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that contains vitamin B5, known for maintenance of healthy tissue, as well as vitamins D and C, known for their healing properties. Shea butter and vitamin E can alleviate any dry patches, and L-carnitine can help ensure a man’s penis stays as responsive to touch as possible.

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