November 29, 2023


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Stitching Device Designs From Elna

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Elna launched many versions in sewing devices. Each individual model was exclusive with specific attribute of its own. I would like to share my information on a several of these styles from Elna stitching devices. Elna stitching devices change from mechanical style of machines to digital variety of devices and to quite very computerized designs.

The to start with launched moveable model was Elna 1, in the calendar year 1940’s. This design was an electronic one and the go over could be turned into a desk for the stitching device. This model developed a revolution in the way sewing equipment were designed. A product identified as Supermatic was released in the 1950’s which had the element of fully automated stitching achievable by the machine. The future renowned design was termed as Lotus which was launched in the 1960’s. Lotus had the style with diminished fat and it was quick to deal with. The sewing device components box was provisioned about the leading of the stitching device in the product Lotus.

In the 12 months 1970’s Elna Stella was launched. This design had all the most popular functions from the previous models as well as electronic way of sewing was launched in Elna Stella. In the yr of 1980’s, Carina one more new product was launched by Elna stitching machines. This model built over lock stitches possible on all variety of materials for stitching. In the similar decade, Elna 5000 a computerized way of sewing was released. This design experienced computer system memory for sewing. In the next yrs, ElnaLock a design with moveable thread method was launched with dual needle ability in the equipment. In the 12 months of 1990’s, Elna Diva was introduced. This design can do a lot more embroideries and alphabets in the fabrics. In the 12 months of 2000’s, Elna Xquisit was launched which was a fully automatic computerized sewing device. This product could do embroidery and automated spooling to the needle in the equipment.

Elna sewing equipment tailored steady advancement in the procedure of stitching equipment structure. The models they introduced are all with new and unique capabilities with contemporary technologies incorporated.

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