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The Ascended Masters and Their Aura Shades

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An Ascended Grasp is a Being who following lots of lifetimes of reincarnation has become master of their bodily, emotional and mental bodies, they have balanced their karma and no more time need to reincarnate. They have ascended in their vibration over and above actual physical lifestyle

Ascended Masters do not look forward to exactly where they are likely, but fairly an Ascended Grasp walks backwards, generally on the lookout back again to individuals who nevertheless have but to ascend out of kind. The Ascended Masters are constantly encouraging humanity, on all stages of existence.

As humanity ascends and men and women awaken to their divinity, dormant powers are awakened. More and much more people are seeing the Ascended Masters, sometimes in variety and other individuals as coloured balls, orbs or whole measurement outlines. The Masters have let it be known “you will know us by our aura colours.”

We have several levels of aura colours, exhibiting our etheric, psychological, psychological and spiritual states. These hues can change in accordance to our mood or psychological condition. Our soul ray, or ray of incarnation, does not adjust even though through our lifetime.

Just like us, the Ascended Masters colours transform, and also like us, they have a soul or monadic color which identifies them higher than all improvements. Under is a record of the aura colours the Masters present by themselves as most usually, so you will know them when you see them. These shades could appear as ordinary but they are bright, luminescent and sometimes pearlescent.

Here is a listing of some Ascended Masters aura shades for your effortless reference. There are numerous Ascended Masters but these twenty two are performing near with humanity at the moment.

Dom Ignacio has a comfortable pink aura.

El Morya has an aura of mainly hyacinth blue with some darker Prussian blue at the edge.

Hilarion has a Forest Inexperienced aura.

Isis’ aura has a border of purple with a jagged edge that leads into a red centre.

Jesus has a mid yellow and mid blue aura.

Kuthumi’s aura colours are 3 tiered, smooth lemon at the top rated, very clear in the centre and dark blue at the bottom.

Kwan Yin has an aura of Magenta with a little mid pink.

Lady Nada has an aura of white (may well have lavender tint to it) and gold.

Lao Tze has an aura of yellow shards.

Lord Lanto has an egg formed aura. The centre is white and it then radiates out by soft yellow to mid yellow.

Maha Chohan’s aura colors are metallic gold and silver.

Mary Magdalene has a mid to potent pink aura with some magenta in it.

Melchizedek has an attention-grabbing aura of dark blue (two forms) and white.

Mother Mary has a smooth pink aura colour with a border of mid blue.

Pallas Athena aura rises from a extremely darkish purple to purple and then onto gold. Some could see an unworldly environmentally friendly line in the centre.

Paul, the Venetian has a bronze/maroon aura with white, and in some cases a soft yellow.

Ra Mun’s aura is violet by way of to purple.

Sanat Kumara aura is very clear like ice with all hues flashing through it.

Serapis Bey has energy spirals. The spirals are entwining gold and white.

St Germain’s aura is violet down to maroon.

St John, the Baptist has a white centre aura with a delicate blue rim.

White Tara has an aura that followers a rainbow colours from still left to appropriate.

It may possibly be much easier to recognize the Masters by color, so listed here the Ascended Masters are categorised in aura shades. But also go back to the personal identify as some Masters are detailed less than far more than a single coloration.

Blue auras are St John, the Baptist, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, Kuthumi, Jesus and El Morya.

Apparent auras are Kuthumni and Sanat Kumara.

Gold auras are Serapis Bey, Pallas Athena and Woman Nada.

Green aura is Hilarion.

Metalic auras are Paul the Venetian, Pallas Athena and Maha Chohan.

Pink auras are Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin and Dom Ignacio.

Purple auras are St Germain, Ra mun, Isis, Pallas Athena.

Rainbow auras are Sanat Kumara, White Tara.

Red to maroon auras are Paul the Venetian, Isis, St Germain.

White auras are Serapis Bey, St John, the Baptist, Paul the Venetian, Melchizedek, Lord Lanto and Woman Nada.

Yellow auras are Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Kuthumi and Jesus.

There is also an awareness of color and the rays. There are seven rays of incarnation. And it can be loosely witnessed that some of the Masters aura colors, tie in with the rays they operate with. This is not the circumstance with all the Masters, only some. It seems the Masters can not be tied down with our 3D want to make colour characteristics of them.

So for your awareness I listing here the 7 rays and their colors. There are several versions of the ray colors on the net. The ray shades listed in this article are those people revealed to me by the Masters in my perform with the Ascension Flames. They correspond to those people offered to Elizabeth and Mark Prophet.

Ray One is blue. El Morya is Chohan of the very first ray and his aura color is blue.

Ray Two is yellow. Lord Lanto is Chohan of the next ray and his aura colours are yellow.

Ray A few is pink. Paul, the Venetian is Chohan of the third ray and his aura shades are bronze/maroon.

Ray 4 is white. Serapis Bey is Chohan of the fourth ray and his aura colours are gold and white spirals.
While when showing up in type he wears white.

Ray 5 is environmentally friendly. Hilarion is Chohan of the fifth ray. His aura colours are a forest green.

Ray 6 purple, gold and ruby. Chohan of the sixth ray is Jesus. His colors are blue and yellow.

Ray Seven is violet. St Germain was Chohan of the seventh ray and his colours are violet via to maroon.

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