May 29, 2024


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Toyota Avensis Combining Best Of Both Worlds Beauty And Performance

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Looking for a family car that should be large enough to accommodate your family but unlike Vauxhall Zafira should be on the smaller side. Then you don’t have to look further because Toyota Avensis is here to meet your needs. It has been in production since 1997 and has undergone evolution to bring the best of both worlds namely beauty and performance.

The new Avensis just exudes confidence with its bold styling that you wont find in any other large salon’s. The years of experience that Toyota has gained is shown on the Avensis body which encompasses harmony, smooth flowing lines resulting in a powerful presence. Avensis has a luxurious look which is complemented with its sport styling giving an impression of a fast and accurate vehicle that will provide all solution to any kind of driving problems that you may face. No matter from which angle your looking at Avensis you will be left impressed. Interior is designed keeping luxury and executive styling in mind leading to a peaceful and calm environment. The seats are styled with high quality leather with intricate stitching. There is enough leg space in the back that will let you enjoy any kind of long drive that you have in mind. Lets not forget the boot which is a very important feature of a large family salon. Boot is quite large almost at 900L capacity ensuring that no matter the size of luggage or the number of shopping bags everything will be accommodated.

Toyota Avensis provides a ground breaking performance that you will not experience with any other family salon. Most people think that salons spoil the enjoyment of the ride but with Toyota Avensis you will be proven wrong. Avensis is powered with Toyota Optimal drive which ensure better fuel economy, reduced CO2 emissions along with enhanced performance. So now you can enjoy superior performance without worrying thoughts about protecting environment because Avensis protects the environment for you.

Avensis Offers You A Choice Of Different Engines As Follows:

  1. 1.6liter petrol engine with 6 gear automatic or manual transmission producing 132BHP which lets you accelerate from 0-60mph just under 10.4s. Average fuel consumption is just 43.5mpg
  2. 1.8liter petrol engine with either 6gears automatic or manual transmission producing 147BHP which lets you zoom from 0-60mph just under 9.4s. Average fuel consumption is just 43.5
  3. 2.0liter diesel engine with 6gears automatic or manual transmission producing 126BHP and producing an acceleration that takes from 0-6omph jut under 9.7s and the diesel engine provides the best fuel economy just about 55.4mpg.

Comfort And Security Features:
Toyota avensis provides the highest level of comfort that cannot be matched by any other salon of same range. Avensis is designed to provides you a quiet and soothing environment for you to enjoy the ride with your friends or family.

Some of the premium comfort features are:

  • Dual zone climate control
  • Radio/cd with 6 speakers and steering mounted audio controls for easy shuffling through your play list.
  • Full map SATNAV
  • Cruise control
  • Electric windows
  • Boot access via rear seat
  • Titanium colored center console

Avensis Isn’t Lacking Behind Security Features Either. Some Of Them Are:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • 6 airbags
  • Child support and restraint
  • Corner braking system
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