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8 Specialty Printing Techniques to Make Your T-Shirts Stand Out From The Crowd

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If you want your t-shirt designs to be distinctive, to stand out from the group, consider employing some of the specialty printing results outlined in this report. Specialty printing offers some legitimate strengths. Apart from basically on the lookout magnificent, exclusive results give your styles a level of change from other people and even though they do expense additional than conventional display printing, exclusive products and solutions typically command increased sale prices.

Discharge ink

Discharge ink gets rid of the current dye from a t-shirt, leaving driving the normal colour of the fibre (usually some shade of beige). Colours can then be replaced in the fibres by including inks to the discharge foundation.

Pros: Making use of discharge ink on a t-shirt benefits in a stable, colored print and a quite delicate hand (i.e. a delicate ‘feel’ to the printed t-shirt). Discharge ink is specifically useful if you are printing vivid colours on black t-shirts. The option procedure for printing colors on a dark dye foundation necessitates an “undercoat” layer of white ink to ensure enough opacity of color, ensuing in a thick, heavy finish.

Down sides: Since it is really unachievable to know in advance how every single shirt will react to discharge ink, colour matching cannot be assured and there may possibly be some colour variation in between prints throughout a operate.

Photochromic ink

Photochromic, or UV-reactive inks, are almost clear when seen indoors but adjust to vivid colors in daylight.

Benefits: Amazing outcomes can be made with a print that effectively displays two distinctive styles – one particular indoors, and yet another outdoors.

Drawbacks: Only a restricted variety of colours is obtainable.

Glow in the dim ink

Glow in the darkish inks do just what their identify implies – they distinguish them selves by glowing in the dim! In the light-weight, these inks will show up semi-clear.

Pros: Folks can find you in the dim. (Just kidding. It is really pretty awesome, however.)

Down sides: The inks work finest if they’re printed on a white or pale colored background, so a light-weight coloured base layer is necessary on darker shirts.

Foil printing

Foil printing is a two-stage method which leaves a shiny metallic ‘print’ on the shirt. To start with, the garment is screenprinted, applying a specific adhesive alternatively than ink, and fixed (dried) in the standard way. A sheet of foil is then heat-pressed on to the image developed by the adhesive. When the push is lifted absent, the foil sticks to the adhesive-printed locations and the surplus is eradicated.

Advantages: Foil printing offers the ideal shiny metallic printing effect. Bling!

Negatives: Due to the fact it’s a two phase process, foil printing may not work very as properly for high-quality, specific layouts, and it really is extra vulnerable to energetic washing than most other decoration variations.

Metallic inks

Metallic inks consequence in a shimmery, sparkly effect, instead like metallic vehicle paint. Metallic screenprinting is less expensive than foil printing, but will not have the exact same shiny outcome.

Glitter printing

Like foil printing and metallic inks, glitter inks can make your design sparkly and eye-catching. They’re available in a selection of colours.

Puff inks

Puff inks are developed by mixing a specifically formulated base in with the ink. The base-ink blend expands (“puffs”) as the print is remedied as a result of the heat tunnel, leaving a 3D texture. Puff inks are also readily available in a huge variety of colours.


Flock printing is reached by incorporating a unique base to the ink, which gives the ink a furry, velvety texture as it cures as a result of the warmth tunnel.

All of these specialty printing strategies can be made use of to give your styles a minimal “extra” anything, make them distinctive, distinctive.

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