July 18, 2024


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Can Glow in the Dark Paints Be Environmentally Friendly?

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More than 12 months of research and development by a leading scientist specialising in glow paint technology has resulted in a new eco-friendly glow in the dark paint called Superstarz.

By directly addressing the major worldwide concerns about the levels of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) contained in paints the new glow paint contains zero VOC’s which is a first for a paint of this type!

VOC’s emitted from paints as gasses in the application stage and up to 5 years following application are a major contributor to low-level pollution, global warming and short to long term health problems.

The new Superstarz range of paints have been submitted for rigorous testing at a UK accredited testing laboratory and have been confirmed as totally compliant with EU Toy Safety Regulations EN71-3 and have been certified as being 100% VOC Free.

This makes them particularly safe for children to use as well as adults. They are of particular benefit to sufferers of asthma and allergies.

The new paints are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Glow paints have been used on a large scale in high rise buildings following 9/11 as safety markings for corridors and stairwells in the event of total loss of lighting. These new high tech paints meet the necessary requirements in terms of brightness and afterglow and now offer an additional advantage by being VOC Free.

The paints are daytime invisible and are available in four colours – Green, Blue, Aqua and Violet.

The new environmentally friendly paints are a major step forward in glow paint technology.

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