July 18, 2024


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Cheerleader Makeup: 9 Ways to Use Glitter “Dancing With the Stars” Style!

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A stock item for cheerleader makeup is GLITTER! But how do you know when your cheerleader makeup look has gone overboard? DWTS is known for its ultra glam makeup and costuming and their use of LOTS of glitter! You can get their super gorgeous looks for your cheerleader makeup look as long as you follow one simple rule…use only ONE (or maybe two) of these ideas at a time. If you use too much, you risk the “cheap & trashy” label. Cheerleader makeup can show glamorous style and class and every girl can look gorgeous with these expert tips!

Oh yes, and before I begin: There are two very important points that I would like to share with you about using glitter for your cheerleader makeup.

Firstly, when applying glitter to the eyes, small amounts do fall into the eyes so please only use “cosmetic grade” glitter. When glitter is labeled as “cosmetics grade” glitter it means that the sizes of the individual pieces of glitter are much smaller and much more refined than just “craft” quality glitter. There are no dangerous sharp corners that can make tiny hair-like cuts in the eye or cornea and allow an eye infection to develop.

Secondly, because you may be using glitter on the lips, technically, you will probably be EATING the glitter. PLEASE only use glitter made in the USA. When glitter is manufactured in other countries, it is not inspected as thoroughly as it is here in the United States. You cannot be sure of what you are getting! Glitter makeup is an important part of the cheerleader’s costume. Using cosmetics grade glitter for your cheerleader makeup look may mean paying a little bit more. However, you need to use the highest quality glitter when you are near your delicate eye and lip area.

1) On your body: Mix glitter in with your body lotion and apply to legs, arms, and collar bone…any spot you want to shine!

2) Highlight Cheekbones: Apply glitter high on the cheekbones as a highlighter with adhesive.

3) Highlight Cheekbones & Brow bone: Apply glitter high on the cheekbones & brow bone with adhesive.

4) On Lips: Mix glitter with your lip gloss and apply to lips alone or over any lipstick color

5) Corners of Eyes: Apply a bright silver or gold or white/iridescent glitter to inner corner and outer corner of eyes. This little accent brightens the eyes and makes your cheerleader makeup really stand out!

6) As Eyeliner: Apply glitter as an eye liner with glitter adhesive.

7) On Eyelid: Apply glitter with a brush or your finger to eye lid over eye shadow for a subtle effect

8) In Hair: Spray hair spray into your hand, rub hands together, rinse hands

9) On Eyelid & Crease: Apply your favorite eye shadow color (or team color!) over entire lid and up over the crease and then apply glitter adhesive on top. Use a makeup brush and apply a neutral shade of glitter over the entire lid and crease for intensely dramatic eyes!

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