July 18, 2024


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Curling Iron Usage For Hair Styling

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Like flat irons, curling irons are also an excellent hair styling tool that is being used by women largely to accomplish sexy curly bangs. With a good quality tool, you can acquire beautiful springy curls, whether tight or wavy locks as per your wish. But you cannot expect of acquiring gorgeous results without using a good quality product. Using a poor quality device that lacks any features and technological integration of safety and efficiency can only give you burns and dry and lifeless hair. Thus, you need to be aware of picking out a high quality iron suited for your hair type that can provide you with excellent results, that too without damaging or consuming your time. Here are some of the points to remember when purchasing and using a curling iron on your hair.

• A good quality curler should be made with a ceramic or tourmaline barrel so that it can curl your hair without causing any damages.
• The ceramic curling iron that you have chosen should be equipped with a variable temperature setting for adjusting the heat level suited for your hair.
• The barrel size should be according to the type of iron you wish to acquire, tight or loose curls.
• Applying a curling iron on a wet hair can cause serious damage. So, dry your hair completely before applying a hot iron.
• You should not keep the iron on the same position for long time as it can burn or weaken your hair extensively.
• When using, spare the roots of your hair by keeping it about ½ inches away from the hair roots to prevent the burning of cuticle and hair follicles.
• The hair should always be divided into small sections when using a curling iron.
• Never brush your hair soon after styling and leave it to cool down.
• Always read the instructions before using and prepare your hair for the process by applying heat protecting products.

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