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How To Copy and Paste – For The Complete Novice!

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One of the most requested tutorials from our business of instruction and tutoring Seniors on their individual computers is ‘how do I copy and paste?’. To more mature computer customers, this seems to be this kind of a complicated task, nonetheless absolutely nothing could be much easier, after you discover how!

This is our tutorial that we hand out to our consumers:

1. Acquire your mouse, and spot your pointer at the commencing or end of the textual content, the pointer will improve from an arrow to an “I” bar, when it does then simply click and keep the still left mouse button, although pulling your mouse more than the text. This will spotlight the textual content with a dim coloration.

2. Subsequent, launch the left mouse button without having clicking wherever else.

3. Now, with the mouse pointer more than the highlighted text, suitable simply click the mouse for alternatives and a modest menu of commands will show up. Move the mouse pointer above and down the checklist and pick ‘copy’ by clicking with the remaining mouse button.

4. The menu will disappear … really don’t be concerned, the range has been copied to an unseen, imaginary “clipboard” in your laptop or computer!

5. Following, put your mouse pointer wherever you want the textual content to be placed (even in an additional method!), left click to put the blinking cursor (this is the insertion stage) then proper click your mouse once again, and pick ‘paste’ from the tiny menu and you will have copied and pasted the text!

Reduce and paste is the similar as higher than, besides you decide on ‘cut’, as an alternative of ‘copy’. You will see the big difference appropriate away, as the words will “disappear” when you ‘cut’ and will show up again when you ‘paste’ them in one more place.

Copy and Paste Massive Amounts of Text

1. For massive amounts of textual content, say an entire web page or email information there is an simpler way than transferring the mouse to emphasize, only go to the Edit Menu at the major of the Window and Simply click at the time, bringing the menu choices down.

2. Then, convey your pointer to “Pick out All”, simply click on it and observe as all of the information gets highlighted!

3. Next, go again to Edit and provide your pointer to “Duplicate” and simply click on that command. Once again, the details will go to the imaginary Clipboard!

4. Get your recently copied details to wherever it wants to go, like a newly opened e mail, and immediately after you click on your mouse in the region the place you want it to go (the ‘body’ area of your e mail, for instance), possibly Right Click on the mouse or go back again to Edit and pick “Paste” to insert the copied information.


To Emphasize All: Press and hold ‘Ctrl’ then press the ‘A’ vital.

To Copy: Spotlight an space, as shown previously mentioned, then push and keep ‘Ctrl’ then press the ‘C’ key.

To Paste: Click on your left mouse button wherever you want the text pasted, and then push and keep ‘Ctrl’ then push the ‘V’ crucial.

The capacity to slice, copy, and paste is uncovered in most systems, which include e-mail and term processing. Often, the capability to do these tasks by way of the mouse is disabled, but is still speedily attained through the use of the shortcuts outlined earlier mentioned.

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