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How To Perm Hair: Winding and Sectioning Strategy

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In advance of you commence winding the hair, you need to different the hair into workable sections. This will make the hair simpler to handle and seems expert. Sectioning the hair can make the rest of the perming system easier and a lot quicker. After shampooing and towel drying the client’s hair, comb the hair to eliminate any knots or tangles. Make sure you have all the perming equipment useful.

There are 3 distinct sectioning patterns.

1. Six Section

2. Brick

3. Directional

6 Portion

The Six Sectioning pattern divides the head into six sections Divide the hair into two sections, entrance (4,6,5) and back (3,1,2). Divide the entrance portion just over the center of the eyebrow, to give a center (6) and two sides (4 and 5).

The middle section (6) need to not be any wider than the roller. Now divide the back again area the exact same, to give a center (1) and two sides (3 and 2).

Brick Winding

Brick winding is when the perm curlers are positioned in a brickwork sample. This winding approach helps prevent any gaps in the hair, so you will not have any partings. Brick winding is ideal for shorter great hair and need to be begun at the front of the head.


Directional winding is when the hair is wound in a sure way. It will enable make a move in the path the customer needs. It is ideal for consumers who want a parting.

Winding Approach

Following putting the hair into the essential sectioning you will want to wind the hair.

·Hair should really be saved moist.

·Take a smaller sub-portion of hair, smaller sized length and thickness of a roller.

·The width of the part ought to be inside of the width of the roller.

·Comb the hair upwards, this will trigger root carry.

·Hold hair evenly and restricted.

·The roller need to be at 90 degrees angle from the head shape.

·Put an finish paper on the ends of the hair if you don’t the finishes will glance frizzy at the end of the perm.

·The finish paper will help make the winding process less difficult.

·Wind the hair down bit by bit, preserving the hair evenly restricted.

·Guide the hair ends spherical the curler with tail comb. If the ends do not go below the curler. The hair can turn out to be “fish-hooked” and frizzy.

·Keep the curler stage.

·The curler should be in the centre of the sub-segment.

·Secure the roller by fastening the rubber bond or clip.

·The roller really should sit on it can be foundation and not obstruct the next curler’s positioning.

·There must be no gaps between the curlers.

·If using a band rubber, be mindful of putting it to shut to the root place, as this can result in a rubber mark on the hair.

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