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Is Some thing Incorrect If My Koi Hasn’t Released Eggs?

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When your female Koi gets outdated sufficient (3-5 many years previous) her entire body will make eggs. When the h2o temperature rises to 65-70 degrees you will start to see the indicators of spawning. There will be a ton of chasing, the woman will remain to herself near the base, and they will eat a whole lot of food. It is claimed that mating will start when there is a comprehensive moon and the eggs are unveiled early in the early morning. It is the male’s occupation to enable her get rid of the eggs and then fertilize them.

In some instances the feminine may well not release her eggs. In this article are a several factors why.

· The pond is created up of all female Koi.

· The male Koi in the pond are not old enough to mate.

· The Koi is sick and not carrying eggs.

A certain indication that the Koi is sick and not carrying eggs is the scales. If the scales are sticking out or if the eyes are popping out it could be dropsy. This is when the kidneys are failing. You can use a salt dip to enable the unwell fish. Put 1 degree cup of salt in a bucket with 5 gallons of h2o. Set the fish in the bucket for 1-2 minutes and then return it to the pond. This ought to be finished 2 or 3 occasions weekly until eventually the inflammation goes down. One more probability is that a tumor is causing the swelling. This would result in the Koi to not swim appropriately.

Opportunities of what can come about if the Koi would not spawn (mate) and she is carrying eggs are shown following.

1. If the Koi does not spawn the eggs can continue being in the koi for many seasons until she does spawn.

2. The eggs can be reabsorbed. This suggests she will just make them vanish again into her personal entire body.

3. Often the eggs can come to be egg sure. Egg bound is when the eggs rot and this will destroy the feminine Koi.

Not feeding the fish in the winter season will aid the woman Koi to reabsorb her eggs if she did not spawn in the spring. You actually want her to reabsorb them as this is secure for your fish. You want to maintain your Koi from owning the eggs turn into egg bound.

To ascertain if your Koi are all female you can feel their head. A male’s head will come to feel like sandpaper and a woman all set for spawning will be slippery. If you can handle to touch each of your fish you will know their intercourse. If you find that you have a male Koi then he might not be experienced more than enough to mate. Then once more, probably your Koi is just getting picky.

To sum this up, if your Koi is extra fat and the scales are Ok then most likely you have all ladies or the males just usually are not previous plenty of for mating. Not feeding your fish in the winter season will help the koi reabsorb her eggs. Be completely ready to check out for infant Koi next spring.

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