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The Several Beautiful Colours of Topaz

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Topaz is a gem that has a very long history of remaining linked with the sun. This is simply because the hues of a dawn or sunset are captured in this gem. Egyptians believed that putting on an amulet or pendant of topaz delivered security by the solar god Ra to the wearer. The Romans associated topaz with the sun god Jupiter, and felt that topaz was a highly effective bringer of very good fortune and optimistic situations.

Quite a few cultures historically thought that wearing topaz allows you to be very clear of eyesight and believed, and to be ready to ward off evil spells or enchantments. Traditionally it was also believed to give the wearer virtually tremendous-human strengths and talents when in emergency or crisis situations. In historical periods a lot of nobles wore topaz, as it was consider to transform shade when in the existence of poison. They frequently wore it in rings and put their fingers around their food items or consume to see if it experienced been meddled with. Topaz was also believed to achieve energy with the phases of the moon, and imagined to treatment some disorders and problems these kinds of as insomnia, respiratory problems and some blood issues.

In more modern custom, topaz is the birthstone for people born in the month of November. Although a very really hard stone, it can be split fairly effortlessly if hit at the suitable angle.


Topaz normally will come in numerous distinctive shades. The most acknowledged colour of topaz is an amber or gold coloration, with highlights of peach, tans, browns or shades of orange. A cognac coloration of topaz is slightly darker than the amber shade, and tends to have more of the brown highlights.

The premier topaz is the Braganza topaz. It is discovered in established in the Portuguese Crown, and was originally assumed to be a big diamond. This topaz, though called white topaz, is seriously colorless and is the most widespread sort, identified in China, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria and India.

Pink topaz occurs normally in Pakistan and Russia, and is at times found in other areas. Pink topaz is typically pale pink just about anything that is described as “warm pink” or “brilliant pink” is artificially treated or heated to create the improved color. Heating some shades of pink topaz will clear away the orange colour and will depart a lavender coloured gem.

Brown, crimson, darkish pink, yellow, orange and sherry colored topaz are located naturally in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Heating and boosting of these different by natural means taking place hues can guide to a vast wide variety of darker shades and definitely distinctive shades.

Pale topaz can be irradiated in a lab to make a blue topaz. The color of this gem is extremely pale to medium blue, and is not a darkish blue shade. The pale topaz required to make a blue topaz is uncovered in Sri Lanka, China, Brazil and Nigeria.

In 1998, gemologists started surface-boosting pale topaz to generate a environmentally friendly topaz. This topaz ranges in shade from a leaf eco-friendly to an emerald eco-friendly. Again, this is not a in a natural way transpiring gem and requires floor-improvement to deliver the coloration.

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