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The Vintage Dolls Of The Remco Company

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Remco was a doll corporation which was started by Sol Robbins in the 1940s and was small-lived right after it was acquired by Azrak-Hamway Global Inc. in 1964. Subsequently in 1997, the company was obtained by Jakks Pacific which overtook the operations of Remco and Boy or girl Direction from Azrak-Hamway Global. There is not significantly info about the corporation but it had created good quality collectible toys which even consist of The Beatles and other movie star doll characters.

Remco dolls’ dimension ranges from 5 inches to as tall 20 inches. Its initially doll assortment was the Littlechap Household which consisted of 4 fashion dolls that wore Hollywood type outfits and were a bit more substantial in sizing than the Barbie. Remco also marketed the dolls by way of Sears catalogues.

Then they launched the 5-inch Heidi and Jan dolls that had been promoted with pocketbook designed of plastic circumstances. The dolls also showcased a voice box which says “Hi” when a button positioned in her tummy is pushed. The dolls also arrived with a set of wardrobe and accessories. It also introduced a model of Heidi and Jan which experienced the winking and developing capabilities. The Pocketbook collection also experienced other characters particularly Billy, Herby, Hildy, Pip, and Spunky.

Soon right after, they launched an animal style doll line with the characters Television set Jones and Pussy Meow. They came in plastic conditions which appeared like television sets. The animal characters also came with their have established of costumes. Other animal characters were Ellie Elephant, Hana Hippo, and Patsy Panda. The 5.5-inch finger puppets named Finger Dings were being also released which ended up composed of vinyl head, torso, and arms. Since these are finger puppets, it did not appear with its individual legs because your two fingers will provide as its legs as soon as you insert them in their leotard leg costume.

In 1964, the company manufactured the 5-inch tall plastic or rubber overall body doll with rubber heads and mohair wig for The Beatles. Each individual of the character has an instrument in their hands which had been painted black with gold edges and highlights. This doll established is not only sought immediately after by doll collectors but also by fanatics of The Beatles. Nonetheless, Remco also came up with other movie star dolls these types of as The Dave Clark Five, Jeannie of the “I Dream of Jeannie” hit Television set exhibit, and Laurie Partridge of “The Partridge Relatives.”

There have been also other common toys and dolls designed by Remco which contains Tippy Tumbles, Li’l Winking Herby Hippy, the crying newborn doll named Sweet April, and also the singing 20-inch doll named Mimi. The Remco dolls are excellent to accumulate considering that their vinyl dolls have been generally designed with the picture of entertainment personalities.

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