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Top 10 Collectible Dolls Of The 1950s

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The 1950s is frequently seen as an idealistic era, and the dolls and toys generated in the course of the decade had been no exception. Kid’s dolls tended to be high top quality, and as a outcome, quite a few of the dolls of that period are now hugely collectible.

#1: Madame Alexander Cissy

There is practically nothing fairly as beautiful as a Madame Alexander Cissy. Unveiled in the early 1950s, Cissy stood 21 inches tall, with a womanly determine and elegant garments. There are a lot of collectors who are really passionate about this doll. As a result, a “mint” Cissy can command a number of thousand pounds at auction.

#2: Vogue Ginny

There are few dolls that have attracted the variety of next that the Vogue Ginny inspires. Outrageously preferred when she was introduced about 1950, this doll is an 8-inch “toddler doll,” which means that she has the chubby determine and adorable confront of a toddler. Now, Ginny is incredibly well known with collectors.

#3: Madame Alexander Elise

Manner doll collectors know that the early Madame Alexander Elise, launched in 1957, is a extremely distinctive doll. The 16-inch tall Elise had jointed ankles, and as a consequence she was commonly dressed as a ballerina. However, she also arrived in hugely trendy avenue dresses, pantsuits, and official robes. Right now, Elise’s street dresses and formals are the most really desirable of her outfits.

#4: Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie

Muffie has a facial area not like most other eight-inch toddler dolls, with eyes spaced wide apart, sultry lashes, and total lips. While she was a single of Vogue Ginny’s competitors, she is more than just a knock-off she has attained her very own position on collectors’ shelves, and frequently commands as significant a value (or greater than) as Ginny does.

#5: Madame Alexander Cissette

A miniature (and additional cost-effective) version of the glamorous Cissy, Cissette boasts a beautiful wardrobe of avenue attire, opera dresses with matching coats, official robes, and elegant pantsuits. Her dimension may be little — a mere 9 inches — but she has an abundance of enchantment to collectors!

#6: Madame Alexander Wendy/Alexander-Kins

Initial recognized as Wendy, and later on renamed Alexander-Kins, this doll is Madame Alexander’s solution to the toddler doll trend of the early 1950s. These 8-inch dolls have china complexions, pouty lips, and hundreds of different outfits to retain collectors hectic.

#7: Madame Alexander Maggie

Most likely Madame Alexander’s most beloved facial area is that of Maggie, the facial area that was on many “pre-teen” dolls throughout the 1950s. Maggie wore a wide range of outfits, from vintage 50s costumes to brides’ and bridesmaids’ attire, but practically each and every Maggie created has turn out to be an quick preferred.

#8: Arranbee Nancy Lee/Nanette

Handful of dolls throughout the 1950s could contend with Madame Alexander’s outstanding quality, but Arranbee was one of them. With their sweet expressions, “pup tail” hairdos, cute school dresses, and wonderful formal gowns, Arranbee Nancy Lee and Nanette dolls are beloved by a lot of collectors.

#9: Ideal Miss Revlon

Perhaps a single of the very best-recognized fashion dolls of the late 1950s is Ideal’s Pass up Revlon. Miss out on Revlon spawned several look-alike style dolls, this sort of as Horsman’s Cindy, American Character’s Toni, and dozens of less costly knock-offs. For lots of collectors, nonetheless, Miss Revlon is the quintessential pre-Barbie vogue doll.

#10: Cosmopolitan Ginger

Whilst she is frequently considered of as a “Ginny knock-off” and therefore instructions only a portion of the cost of a Ginny doll, Cosmopolitan’s Ginger has developed a following in her own proper. Ginger dolls can be just as large top quality as Ginny or Muffie, and are recognized for their sweet faces and detailed outfits.

The 1950s was a ten years of gorgeous, high excellent dolls. Even though there are quite a few outstanding dolls that are not shown here, these are the kinds that most 50s doll collectors strive to depict in their collections.

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