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How to Measure Your Head For Clip-In Extensions

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Commonly when you buy hair extensions, you would either wander into a salon or have your hair stylist use his/her best judgment and measuring techniques to get the suitable sized extensions. In a salon environment, the stylist doesn’t have to be 100% accurate due to the fact he/she can always reduce and trim the extensions as required in buy to make them mix in with your pure hair.

An additional well-known method for purchasing the correct sized hair extensions is to walk into a elegance offer and a product sales rep can help you choose the ideal sized extensions. They can typically take out the extensions from the packaging and keep them up subsequent to your hair to additional assist in the measurement changes.

When you buy your hair items on line, you do not get that exact same experience to confront shopper provider. In its place, you will need to have to properly measure your hair in get to know which size of hair extensions to order.

First we will measure the two center layers. To get began you really should initial section your hair by building a area beginning at ear level. The ear degree should be about 1/2″ inch under the tip (the best point) of the ear and protected the top rated portion hair segment with a clip on major of your head. Now, consider a garments measuring tape (a person that is pliable and bends simply) and evaluate the nape area of the head which would be from the back of one ear to the back again of the other ear. The measurement need to be 5-7 inches throughout. You will will need 2 extension items that measure 5″ or 7″ in width that means the monitor portion that is clipping on to your purely natural hair and not the real hair strand size.

Next, we will measure the top rated layer. Holding your hair sectioned, slide the measuring tape to be somewhere around 1 inch earlier mentioned the highest stage of the ear. Now make positive that you evaluate this area so that your measuring tape is however elevated 1 inch previously mentioned the suggestion of the ear but that you want the measurements to be extending just past the ear as if it was wrapping to the stage of exactly where your hairline and experience fulfill. This measurement ought to be amongst 8″ and 11″.

Then we will measure the base layer. Consider the measuring tape and location it about 1 1/2″ from the bottom of your hairline (where the leading of your neck and base of your hair meets) on the back of your neck. Your tape must start about 1 inch at the rear of the back of one particular ear to the other. This measurement could be anything like 3″ -5″ extensive.

Now we evaluate the side scaled-down items. Area your hair so that you have piled up the major most part of your hair which would be the bangs and a smaller portion of hair that is on the crown of the head. Now evaluate the width straight throughout of the place your hairline meets your temple (about 1 inch over your eyebrow) and it finishes at the commencing of your ear location. This is ordinarily a measurement of 1/2″-1 1/2″.

Your measurements may well look one thing like this:
1 – Piece measuring 3″-5″
2 – Items measuring 5″-7″
1 – Piece measuring 8″-11″
2 – little side items measuring 1″- 1 1/2″

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